A visual Melody, Continued

Although it was through music that I began telling stories, there was also often a visual component accompanying the narratives I was trying to communicate to my audiences. I understood that a melody could stir up vivid mental photographs within listeners, and witnessed how the authenticity, and rhetorical and poetic structure of both music and text could amplify those images. In fact I still regularly use this philosophy in my personal practice for things like text memorization, creating or explaining examples in my private teaching, and to help inspire and inform my live performance practice.

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, I was in the middle of a four and a half month tour with two professional companies based on the Canadian West Coast, bringing live performances of a children's opera to elementary schools around the province of BC. I was using my down time between gigs and rehearsals to explore my local surroundings and almost always had my camera along for the ride. After the performances were cancelled I began pouring the majority of my creative energies into shooting, with the explicit intent of taking this hobby from a part-time interest to a full-blown career. Almost two years later, I'm still just as inspired to create high-quality, evocative images that not only capture 'the moment' on the day, but continue to entice viewers to relive the feelings and emotions like they were right back IN 'the moment' itself.


Sadie Karlson

“I honestly could not be happier with my experience with J. Abram Photography. From my first inquiry to the day of the shoot, Jan has been extremely kind, helpful, generous and professional throughout the entire process. I absolutely love my beautiful new headshots and am thrilled with the results! If you're looking for stunning photography at a great value, I highly recommend going with Jan.”

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