Client Portal

Welcome to the Client Portal!

If we've worked together on a project of any kind, chances are your photos are either already here in your own personal gallery, OR one will be uploaded by the delivery date as outlined in your contract.

All clients will be provided with their own personal gallery by the delivery date as outlined in your contract. Depending on the arrangement outlined in your agreement, some galleries might appear as public, while others may require a password. In some cases, a PIN number, as well as an email address may be required to access either single-photo or full-gallery downloads. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


*A note about Your Privacy

J. Abram Photography takes your online privacy seriously. As per PIPEDA, personal information (names or email addresses, etc) collected through the act of gaining access to, or downloading from, a specific gallery on this site will be kept strictly confidential. User data is retained only where necessary to facilitate record keeping and at no time will any party be solicited to or contacted for any reason, unless the use thereof is deemed necessary to facilitate relevant communication between the site moderator and a particular user.